Modern HomeFlorida is home to some of the most fantastic real estate in the world. Fashion designers like Gianni Versace, signers like Madonna and Celine Dion as well as sports stars ranging from Eldric "Tiger" Woods to Dwayne Wade and LeBron James all call sunny Florida home. The spicy Latin lifestyle is one draw. The amazing weather in the winter is an even stronger draw. For those interested in high finance, the fact the Florida has no state income tax can be an even more compelling reason for someone to move to Florida.

Condo living is popular in much of Florida especially in places like Miami and Tampa Bay but high end real estate properties in locations ranging from West Palm Beach to Gulfstream to Jupiter, Florida offer the most luxurious lifestyle in the world. Compounds near famous Florida real estate locales like South Beach compete favorably with worldwide luxury real estate locations such as Malibu, California and East Hampton, New York.

Some of the downsides of living in Florida include hurricane season, high humidity especially in the summer and bugs. Those issues pale in comparison to the lack of state income tax, the European influenced "beautiful people" lifestyle and easy access to everywhere from the Caribbean to Central America to Midtown Manhattan. Florida's tech boom is also worthy of note at custom audio-video installation and home theater are booming businesses attached to the high end real estate market in the Sunshine State. For this with high net worth, Florida real estate offers about the best lifestyle money can buy.

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